Anamata Diploma in Applied Maori Health Coexisting Disorders Level 6

This one year full-time Mental Health and Addictions qualification underpinned by Maori philosophy and clinical practise, is targeted at people working in the health sector needing a specialist qualification.

Centrally located in Rotorua (direct flights available from Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland), the training is delivered three days per month during the academic year. Students are required to meet set hours for clinical practise, tutorial tasks, assignments and research as part of the course requirements.

The modules include:

  • The Impact of Socio Political Factors
  • The Patho-Physiology of Coexisting Mental Health and Addiction Disorders
  • Screening Tools, Assessment and Treatment 1
  • Screening Tools, Assessment and Treatment
  • Professional Practise, Ethics, and Boundaries
  • Clinical Practicum

Approved by NZ Qualifications Authority and endorse by dapaanz.

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