Deregistered Members

In rare cases, a complaint against a practitioner results in the Practice Standards Panel recommending to the executive board that the person's membership is revoked or that they are de-registered. The following people have been deregistered or had their standard membership revoked.  We do remove from the website the names of people after two years.

If you have concerns about a practitioner whose name is not on the list you can give us a call - names and deregistration details can be obtained from the Executive Director.

jackie bloor

Jackie Bloor's standard membership was revoked on 13 October 2016 due to complaint being upheld against her practice. The specific area of breach was the principle of trust.

steven brady

Steven Brady's standard membership was revoked on 31 March 2016 due to a complaint being upheld against his practice. The specific areas were breach of the principles of benefience and skillfulness.