Dapaanz Updates and AGM
17 November 2015


Member survey

Last year Paula Parsonage undertook a member’s survey to find out how members think we are doing in our communication and how we could do better. Members provided us with some clear guidance on how we can better meet their needs. In response, we are:

  • updating our look and feel it’s more engaging (you will start seeing the new look very shortly – if you are waiting on a certificate there has been a short delay due to the re-brand but you will receive it shortly)
  • increasing opportunities for members to tell their stories and hear from other members
  • modernising our website
  • working on making registration and other systems easier

The survey also raised issues on the difficulties some members experience gaining CPD points. We are looking at how we can increase training opportunities to address these concerns.



You will have seen that we are changing the format of the Bulletin. We want members and people in the addiction sector to use it as a vehicle to tell their stories from a consumer or clinician perspective, or to respectively raise relevant issues. If you would like anything submitted please send to, or contact me on 04 282 1809.


School of Addiction 9-10 March 2016 – Christchurch (Rydges Latimer)

To increase accessibility to skills-based training, we are now holding School of Addiction annually and alternating between the North and South Islands. We have reduced the timeframe it is delivered over by half a day (now 2 days) so it will be easier to get to. The up-coming School will include workshops on CEP, Maori and MI, group work, and ethics.


Discount at Rydges and Millennium Hotels for members

We have negotiated member discounts at Millennium, Copthorne and Kingsgate Hotels (20% off Best Flexible Rates) and at Rydges Hotels (10% off Best Flexible Rates). These offers are valid until 31st December 2016. We will set this up on our new website (website launch due this side of Christmas). In the meantime, if you are planning an escapade please contact Clare at for more information or to find out how to secure your discount.



We will be holding our AGM at 10am on 26th November at our office. All members are welcome. Please RSVP to Clare at by 24 November 2015.


New office

We have moved into our new office. It is Level 5, 342 Lambton Quay (in the AMI Plaza). Please come and visit us!  We have also have a new postal address:



PO Box 25 283

Featherston Street

Wellington 6146





New Address
15 October 2015

We have moved!

PO Box 25283
Featherston St
Wellington 6146
Level 5
342 Lambton Quay
Wellington 6145
New chairperson & deputy
2 July 2015

At its meeting of 29th June 2015, the Executive elected Claire Aitken to the chair of the Association and Ben Birks Ang as deputy chair.  Their terms run until the 2017 AGM.

New Executive Director Appointed
14 June 2015

The Executive is pleased to announce the appointment of Sue Paton as  its new Executive Director.

Sue Paton’s great grandparents (the Patons and McCleods) came from  Scotland and settled in the Northland settlement of Waipu. She was raised in New Lynn, West Auckland but has over the last almost three decades made the Wellington region her home. Sue is a mother of one daughter and two  beautiful granddaughters and lives close to them in Paekakariki on Aotearoa’s sunshine coast. She has over 20 years in the addiction sector as a counsellor, supervisor and advisor. Sue is currently Principal Advisor Addictions with the  Health Promotion Agency (HPA) and before that was Manager Early  Intervention for ALAC. Prior to her work at ALAC/HPA, she was an addictions  counsellor working with young people and their families at Wellington City         Mission4Youth and the Bridge Programme in Wellington, and several years specialising in addictions work with adults for before that. Sue is passionate about improving outcomes for people who are experiencing problems relating to substances or other addictive behaviours and about improving outcomes for children affected by a parent’s addiction. She recently led the development of the HPA’s Early Intervention Addiction Plan 2013-2017 to inform the HPA’s strategic approach to its work in addictions. Sue has been an active member on the Executive of dapaanz since 2013 and is very excited to have the  opportunity to serve dapaanz members and the Executive as Executive Director.  Sue will start in July and takes over the role from the Cutting Edge             conference

Staff in recovery who relapse
10 March 2015

When staff who are in recovery experience relapse this can be challenging not only for them, but for their colleagues and managers as well.  Dr Peter Adams and Dr Helen Warren have written a paper setting out ways of addressing these issues and supporting those involved.  Titled: Responding to the risks associated with the relapse of recovering staff members within addiction services it was published in Substance Use & Misuse, 45:951-967.  We do have the authors’ permission to provide copies of this paper.  Requests to the dapaanz office.

Strategic Plan 2015
9 March 2015



Vision:         Effectively representing a responsive, skilled and professional addictions workforce for healthier families and communities


Mission:      Strengthening a competent, culturally responsive, accountable, addictions workforce through

standards, knowledge and registration


Strategic Priority 1:   Dapaanz demonstrates its commitment to partnership between the parties to the Treaty of Waitangi. It is committed to the development of practitioners working particularly with Maori. It is also committed to those working with Pacific Peoples



Each activity of the association will meet its obligation as set out in the strategic priority

Dapaanz will be responsive to different needs of Maori, of Pacific, and of other cultures consistent with the objectives of the association

Dapaanz will ensure Maori representation on the Executive as set out in the Constitution

Dapaanz will work with other agencies to promote the development of practitioners working particularly with Maori and Pacific Peoples

Dapaanz will seek annual feedback from both Maori Caucus and Drua on:

  • Representation on the Executive
  • Cutting Edge
  • Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • Strategic Priorities

Dapaanz will prepare an issues and trends document for Maori Caucus and Drua to consider and comment upon



Strategic Priority 2:   Skills and knowledge of members is increased through Dapaanz hosted activities and events



Provide advice and information that is valued by its members

Cutting Edge continues to earn its place as the principal addiction treatment conference

The School of Addiction is appreciated as a useful training event to practitioners in current treatment issues

Training continues to be provided in issues central to dapaanz registration


Strategic Priority 3:    Dapaanz members demonstrate ethical and competent practice



Maintain relationships with training providers in order to promote DAPAANZ competencies

Manage complaints against members

Provide and promote the Code of Ethics and Competency Framework

Provide a competent and effective Membership, Registration and Accreditation Service


Strategic Priority 4:    Dapaanz forms opinions and takes action on key public health and treatment issues



Represent and promote DAPAANZ policies and practices on appropriate committees

Develop opinions on policy, treatment and other AOD issues and advocate for these opinions to the sector, government, media and other appropriate bodies

Provide leadership and feedback to practitioners on ethical issues


Strategic Priority 5:  Dapaanz is perceived as valuable by the members

   More members actively participate in Dapaanz work

  The majority of the addictions workforce has Dapaanz registration or membership



Network, present to, visit and support practitioners and services

Maintain the office, email and telephone services so that members can make contact at all times

Prepare, report to and record Executive meetings and facilitate the Executive to carry out its functions

Provide member benefits

Provide member communications (bulletin, website, publications)

Ensure quality improvement based upon member communications with the Association


Strategic Priority 6:  Dapaanz is financially sustainable




Support and secure the Association’s sustainability and growth through forward-oriented financial planning, budgeting and sound financial administration

Implement all revenue generating as well as expenditure carrying activities to the benefit of its members and their professional practice

Ensure all funds, financial records and transactions are managed in compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements and ethical standards of practice verified by the oversight of the dapaanz executive and finance committee and the maintenance of effective, transparent accounting systems, regular reporting and external auditing


Membership data
9 March 2015

Membership data: as at 4th June, 2015

Standard:                599

Provisional:             117

Registered AOD:     507

Associate:                    71

Support Worker:        46

Student:                       37

Accredited Clinical Supervisor:  292

Lifetime members:  3


Practice Standards Committee
9 March 2015

There are currently eight active complaints against practitioners involving:

  1. The death of a client from ibogaine treatment
  2. Non-disclosure of behaviour putting client at risk
  3. Incompetent risk assessment
  4. Incompetent assessment
  5. Falsifying client records
  6. Failure to provide treatment
  7. Serious misconduct.

Expulsion of member: Gladis Robinson: At its February meeting the Executive approved the recommendation of the Practice Standards Committee to de-register and expel Gladis Robinson from the Association for non-disclosure of behaviour putting her client at risk.  Her appeal against expulsion which was heard at the May meeting was declined.  The facts of the complaint were not contested.

Expulsion of member: Kumeroa Johnson:  the Executive accepted the Practice Standards Committee recommendation that registered practitioner, Kumeroa Johnson be de-registered and expelled from the Association for serious misconduct. The facts of the complaint were not contested.  She did not appeal the recommendation.

Expulsion of member: Theresa Spinks:  The Executive accepted the Practice Standards Committee recommendation that registered practitioner, Theresa Spinks be de-registered and expelled from the Association for falsifying client records.  She appealed the recommendation but the facts of the complaint were not contested.

Indemnity Insurance
11 March 2014

Dapaanz is now able to offer indemnity insurance to members through Crombie Lockwood Insurance Brokers.

Leave of absence
26 March 2012

Registered and endorsed practitioners are reminded that if they are prevented from working because of pregnancy, parental leave, personal or family illness, unemployment, overseas travel, too much excitement and they take leave from work they can apply for leave of absence for up to 12 months without losing their registration. They come off the register, must not work, pay a standard membership only and need not earn CEP points. Leave must be applied for in advance or as early as possible.