What is a complaint?

All members of dapaanz, regardless of their registration category, are required to abide by the dapaanz Code of Ethics (the Code). The Code promotes respect, safety, client rights and professional practice and behaviour. If you have a concern about how a member has behaved, and their behaviour breaches the ethics outlined in the Code,  you can make a complaint. Wherever possible, express your concern first to the member/practitioner. If you believe the complaint is of a serious nature it is important to follow through with a formal complaint.

How do i make a complaint?

All complaints need to be put in writing and submitted to with 'dapaanz complaint' in the subject header. If you need to talk through your concerns, or check out whether a complaint is the appropriate course of action, you can phone Samantha White on 04 499 30 83. When writing a complaint, keep to the facts and,  if possible, be specific about the ethic(s) the member has breached (see the Code for the 10 ethical principles). It is advisable to also submit any supporting evidence.

What is the process?

Once dapaanz receives a formal complaint, it is checked to see whether the respondent (person at the centre of the complaint) is a  member and whether the complaint relates to a breach of ethics.  If the complaint meets the threshold for a complaint, it passed onto the Complaints Convener. The respondent is always given a copy of the complaint and provided with the opportunity to respond. When the respondent has responded, the Practice Standards Panel review the complaint, the response and any other evidence and consider their response. Once a decision is made by the Practice Standards Panel, the respondent has 15 working days to lodge an appeal. For more detailed information on the complaints process check out clause 14 in the Constitution or contact Samantha White on 04 499 30 83 for advice.