dapaanz Board Elections 2019/20

This year we have a dapaanz board election. If you are passionate about promoting excellence in addiction practice and a strategic thinker this could be for you. It is also a great opportunity to develop governance-level skills. The dapaanz board is a voluntary board without payment for services. There are four-five board meetings per year and board members are expected to attend Cutting Edge. Dapaanz pays board members travel expenses. If you are putting yourself forward for the dapaanz board, you need to make sure you have talked with your Employer/Manager to check you can be released from your duties to attend board meetings (usually held in Wellington), and Cutting Edge. You will also be required to undertake subcommittee work outside of board meetings and receive and reply to confidential emails in a timely manner.

Those in the role of Chair and Deputy Chair have added responsibilities and work closely with the Executive Director. Those who have been put forward as a representative of a particular group eg Drua, Iwi, Gambling have added responsibilities for reporting back and consultation across a range of areas.

To nominate yourself or someone else please fill out the below form:

Nomination Form 2019