Application for Standard/Student Membership

Application process


Online Application Only 

You will need:

  • documentation of any Disclosure information that falls outside of the Clean Slate Legislation Act 2004 (uploadable)
  • to make payment of the fee for $120.00 (incl GST) or $60.00 (incl GST) if you are a full-time non-earning student

payment details

  • we prefer you pay by direct credit (ANZ Account: 06-0201-0631490-00). Please ensure you put your membership number and name in the reference box. If the fee is being paid by your Employer, please specify
  • if you need to pay by Cheque, please make payable to dapaanz and send to dapaanz via Post: dapaanz, PO Box 25 283, Featherston Street, Wellington 6146

Disclosure and Declaration

All applicants MUST disclose the following                                             

1. if you have ever been convicted of a criminal offence (that falls outside of the clean slate legislation)

2. if you have ever been subject to disciplinary action from your employer

3. if you have ever had any complaints about your professional practice upheld

Please have the appropriate documentation ready to upload in the Member Disclosure Section of this application.


Clean Slate Legislation

Under the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004 you don’t need to disclose your convictions if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • Have had no convictions within the last seven years
  • Have never been sentenced to a custodial sentence e.g. imprisonment, Corrective Training, or borstal
  • Never been ordered by a Court following a criminal case to be detained in a hospital due to your mental condition, instead of being sentenced
  • Have not been convicted of a “specified offence” (e.g. sexual offending, offending against children, young people or the mentally impaired)
  • Have paid in full any fine, reparation, or costs ordered by the Court in a criminal case
  • Have never been indefinitely disqualified from driving