Leave of absence

leave of absence

If you are an endorsed support worker or registered practitioner and need to take time out of addiction practice because of parental leave, illness, unemployment, overseas travel, or some other reason, you can apply for leave of absence (LOA) for up to 12 months. LOA will protect your registration over this period, and you can also apply for a further 12 months after this if necessary.  It will be noted on the website that you are on LOA, and you cannot work as an addiction practitioner while on LOA. You will need to pay for standard membership during LOA, but not registration or endorsement fees. You will not need to earn CPD points or be under supervision, though you will need to demonstrate how you have met the requirements for endorsement or registration in the 12 months prior to applying for LOA. If you return to work earlier than 12 months, you will need undertake a proportion of CPD requirement ie, if you return after six months you will need 50 CPD points rather than the full 100. 

Leave of absence should be applied for as soon as you know you need to take time out.

Steps to applying

  1. Send an email to registrar@dapaanz.org.nz requesting LOA for the time period you will be not working in addiction treatment in New Zealand.
  2. When LOA is granted you will still need to put in your renewal to show you have met the requirements for the previous 12 months
  3. If you require an extension you will need to apply for this
  4. You will need to maintain and pay your standard membership during the time you are on LOA
  5. When you are ready to return to addiction practice you will need to notify dapaanz.