cutting edge conference 2019

Cutting Edge 2019 - 'looking back, moving forward.'                                                 

18-21 September, Cordis Hotel, Auckland

Trauma has a huge impact on the developing child. In fact, adverse childhood experience is a strong predictor of increased risk of adult health and social problems including addictions, mental health and physical illnesses.  

The source of addictions is not to be found in genes but in the early childhood environment (Dr Gabor Mate 2009). 

It is important as we work with people affected by addiction that we consider the role of trauma and can facilitate a looking back so the person and whānau can move forward.  

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Oscars Awards dinner

The Oscarz is an evening where we come together to celebrate and award excellence in addiction practice and have fun.  Last year the dapaanz awards included ‘Excellent Contribution to Addiction Practice,'  ‘Excellence in Peer Support,’ and the ‘Excellent Newcomer’. 

We also awarded ‘Best Abstract’ and ‘Best Poster’ and Matua Raḵi will award ‘Emerging Researcher’ and 'Workforce Innovation’.

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