Renew/Upgrade Status

current members renewing or upgrading status

You must be a current member of dapaanz to fill out the forms below. These forms are for members renewing their membership or for members who are applying to upgrade their status e.g. standard members  applying for provisional registration. This is the first step of your renewal/upgrade status, you'll find more details at the top of each form.

Please be aware:

Due to the integrity of our internal processes we may take up to one month to process your application. You should expect to receive your certificate within this timeframe. We will contact you if we need any clarification over documents provided etc.


Renewal and Upgrade forms

Renew Standard Membership 


Renewal/Upgrade Endorsed Support Worker


Renew Endorsed Associate 


Renewal/Upgrade Provisional Registration


Renewal/Upgrade Practitioner Registration


Renewal/Upgrade Accredited Clinical Supervisor


Renew Accredited Clinical Supervisor with Standard Membership - (this form should only be used if you hold both membership types)


Renew Practitioner Registration with Accredited Clinical Supervisor  - (this form should only be used if you hold both membership types)